" I lost my virginity in those jeans" and 3 other shocking denim confessions

"I was making out with this guy.  We were in my bedroom. It was dark.  Things got a little steamy.  The guy starts to unbutton my jeans. But after 2 minutes this guy still couldn't unbutton my jeans! In frustration, he decides to just rip the button off of my pants completely.  I lost my virginity in those jeans that night. To this day I still wear them (buttonless)."
-Veronica, 21

"One Friday night, I slipped on my favorite pair of jeans and headed out to play a gig with my band.  Me and my other band mates got pretty drunk during the show and started goofing around doing dumb rock star moves. But, what I didn't realize was that the crotch of my jeans split halfway through the first song, and I had no idea! I had done a lot of pelvis thrusting that night completely unaware that I was giving the audience a very very unexpected show...."
-Frank, 24

"So this one time I was dancing with a bunch of my friends outside of this bar.  It was happy hour so it was around 6 o'clock and still light out when Kanye song came on. I was already a little buzzed. Me and my friends were all standing in a circle and laughing.  For some reason I decided to do a booty drop right in the middle of the circle so everyone could watch me.  As I bent down into full squatting position, all I heard was the tear in my jeans...1
-Chrissy, 28

"A few years back I was wearing my favorite pair of Abercrombie and Fitch jeans (lol).  There were tears all along the front of the jeans and a little tiny tear right underneath the left butt cheek. I was in Central Park at the time and wanted to bend down to look at this squirrel. But as soon as I bent down, I felt the hole next to my left butt cheek get bigger.  My friend had some safety pins on her so she tried to alleviate the situation by pinning the hole closed, but your butt's gonna do what your butt's gonna do. I feel torn about wanting to patch them up (no pun intended). Butt cheeks are valid."
-Hannah, 19

Gabriella Meyer