A new weekly blog launched by DENIMCRATIC discusses its use of recycled materials, aesthetic choices, the brand's relationship to pop culture and politics, and so much more! The blog will also feature comic strips, interviews, how to's, music playlists, short stories, poems, the list goes on.  Gabriella Meyer, founder, C.E.O and Creative Director of DENIMCRATIC told DRN,

I'm not just trying to create clothes for my denimheads to wear. I want to create a narrative through my designs and introduce them into my denim world.

Meyer is currently working on her fall collection, details of which are still under wraps,but in an exclusive interview with DRN, she told us,

"I'm most excited about the accessories to come this fall.  They are absolute essentials for all my denimheads!"

As we all eagerly await next week's blog post and Meyer's FW17 collection, shop and enjoy DENIMCRATIC bucket hats and denim bikinis before summer ends! Get 'em while they're hot (literally).


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